• Toronto Comedy Nights, May 4 and May 5, 2017
  • A fresh lobster feast aboard a Lake Ontario cruise
  • Wine Tasting’ to ‘Various Themed Events Throughout the Year
  • 12th annual celebration of French musical diversity in Toronto

A wealth of music, culture & celebration in 2017

Louis-José Houde

Louis-José Houde

Thursday 4 and Friday 5 May 2017
Cruise and Lobster Dinner

Cruise and Lobster Dinner

Thursday 8 June 2017
  • Louis-José Houde is one of the most successful Francophone performers today in the world of stand-up comedy. Louis-José Houde is a versatile and talented artist, known for his perfect timing, charisma and the art of the metaphor, which have earned him a place as the top selling Canadian Francophone comedian. Add to his credits, he is the youngest artist to have surpassed the 1 million mark in ticket sales from his first three shows. Fans are thrilled with the announcement of his new show, which Toronto will be among the first to enjoy.

    When? Thursday 4 and Friday 5 May 2017 at 8 pm
    Where ? Randolph Theatre
    How much ? 50$ in advance, 60$ at the door
    Les + ?VIP ticket, which offers preferred seating at the front of the theatre and a complimentary drink from the bar at intermission, for an exceptional value of $75!
    Wine & Cheese pre-show reception : Louis-José Houde will offer his many fans the chance for a private meeting (12 people) just before both performances. The winners will be selected through a lucky draw that will take place on both days (May 4 and 5, 2017) during a pre-show Wine & Cheese Reception, from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. at the Randolph Theatre. The reception tickets are now on sale for $20.

  • Embarquez à bord de notre croisière “souper de homards” avec “FRANCOPHONIE EN FÊTE” le jeudi 8 juin 2017 !!
    La perspective assurée de belles rencontres et l’occasion unique de se retrouver dans une atmosphère chaleureuse et sympathique tout en découvrant ou redécouvrant le cadre envoûtant du littoral et des îles de Toronto.
    Au Menu de cette soirée, un délicieux souper de homards frais en provenance des Îles de la Madeleine et un assortiment de pâtisserie françaises pour le dessert, le tout agrémenté des sérénades de Marcel à l’accordéon.
    Et pour terminer en beauté cette folle/délicieuse nuit d’été, place à la danse et à la musique !!
    Démarrez votre été 2017 et le 150ième anniversaire du Canada, avec vos amis, lors de cette soirée croisière exceptionnellement ludique! La participation est limitée à 250, alors réservez vos billets aujourd’hui.

    Tarif privilège jusqu’au 15 avril : 65 $
    Après le 15 avril: 75 $

    Embarquement entre 18h00 et 18h30
    Bateau Jubilee Queen, amarré au Marina Quay West, 539 Queens Quay West (entre Spadina et Bathurst)
    Départ à 18h45
    Retour au quai à 22h45
    La danse continue jusqu’à 23h30.

Michel Bénac

Michel Bénac

Wednesday, September 21
Michel Rivard

Michel Rivard

Friday, September 23
Céleste LEVIS

Céleste LEVIS

Thursday, 22 September
  • Wednesday, September 21, 8 p.m.


    Michel Benac offers an intelligent, energetic and humour talk, which takes us on his journey that formed his artistic identity and path. From his musical beginnings, in English, he quickly realized that there were other options open to him. He went through a re-awakening, emerging as the musical success his is today! This talk will allow people of all ages a better understand the workings of the music and entertainment industry, and aims first and foremost that it is never too late to follow your dreams. An exciting talk and worthy of a great Franco-Ontarian artist!

  • Friday, September 23,  8 p.m.


    Perennial favourite Michel Rivard has enjoyed a 35 year career as a leading figure in French-Canadian Music. From the early days with Beau Dommage, as the leading singer songwriter for the band, Michel has earned  numerous awards both in Canada and in Europe.  Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy one of Canada’s top Francophone performers!

  • Thursday, 22 September at 8pm


    Céleste Lévis, originally from Timmins Ontario was the 2013 Winner of Ontario Pop Awards. Since then she has recorded her first album, “Celestial”, launched in late 2015. Her story is quite unique. She was an accomplished Martial Arts competitor growing up, but fate interrupted this path with Céleste suffering a life-threatening injury. As she began her long recovery after surgery, her mother bought a piano for her, and Céleste began to reinvent herself as a singer songwriter. She began performing at local events and finally, a career-defining appearance on the Canadian reality talent show La Voix. This enabled the realization of her 2nd dream – to become an accomplished perfomer – to blossom. 

    Come hear this Young Canadian Talent perform, just prior to the Cocktail Event at L’Alliance Francaise! Make an evening of it! Tickets $15 while they last! Or $75, for the passport including Cocktail Event

FREE program on Saturday September 24, 12 noon to 5 p.m. at 249 Queen’s Quay West (Harbourfront)
  • Stéphanie Martin : Stephanie Martin is a bilingual Canadian songwriter, singer and actor who has performed all over the world in award-winning theatrical productions and concert tours! She has played leading roles in Les Misérables, Napoleon, and Schwartz’s The Musical. In studio, she sang the voice of Pocahontas in the French version of the Disney movie, as well as performing on many cast albums. On the concert scene, she has performed with symphony orchestras across North America, Europe and Asia. She was the Voice Of God announcer at the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Toronto 2015 Pan American and ParaPan American Games. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the velvet tones of this wonderful Canadian talent! Stephanie is part of the Free Concert Series, appearing at noon on Saturday, September 24th.

    Hampaté Sahel Blues : Hampaté, also known as Mapathé Gaye, is an accomplished singer songwriter and guitarist who has been performing for 15 years. Born in Dagana, Senegal, his music is imbued with the exotic timbres and tones of his rich cultural heritage. Hampaté brings the energy of West Africa to life with his ‘Sahel Blues’, named for a region in northern Senegal. Mapathé is a graduate of the Conservatory of Dakar, and has developed a unique sound which blends blues and jazz with the sounds of Sahel. 

    Alpha Rhythm Roots : This wonderful rhythmic group, headed by Alpha, an accomplished musician from Guinea West Africa, brings percussion, music and dance traditions to audiences in Toronto. The group’s desire is to share culture and traditions which have survived millennia, to a contemporary audience in a meaningful,  energizing format!

    Ethiopian Dance Group : Come and enjoy an hour of wonderful Ethiopian Dance Culture!

    Donne Roberts : Donné Roberts, born in Madagascar, is a passionate guitarist, singer and songwriter. When he hits the stage he carries with him an energy that immediately exhilarates the crowd even if they’ve never heard his music before. Donné achieved significant recognition with the release of his albums “Rhythm Was Born” and “Internation”, and for his contribution to the African Guitar Summit project, which won a JUNO in 2005 and was nominated for another one in 2007. Donné was raised and educated in Moscow, Russia and now lives in Toronto. 


FREE program on Sunday September 25, 12 noon to 5 p.m. at 249 Queen’s Quay West (Harbourfront)
  • Eric Saint Laurent : Born and raised in Montreal, St-Laurent studied improvisation in New York before moving to Berlin where he toured within the German and Scandinavian music scenes. Winner of the SOCAN award for Best Original Composition at the Montreal Jazz Festival and The Best Band Award at the Vienne (France) Jazz Festival, St-Laurent has been featured on over 50 recordings, produced multiple albums, composed scores for short films and theatre, and toured extensively in Europe and Canada. His trio’s style can be described as Afro-Cuban rhythms combined with Jazz and Blues elements to produce infectious grooves, plenty of interaction and a strong taste for adventure! Don’t miss this performance, part of the Sunday Free Concerts, at noon, down at Harbourfront, 249 Queens Quay West.

    Welcome Soleil : When the sun rises on the east end of Toronto, it shines a light on a hidden corner of the French-speaking world. Deep in the heart of East York, a group of Franco-Ontarian musicians string their guitars with sunlight and practice picking locks. These song-tinkerers enthusiastically plunder from the repertoire of French songs handed down to them by their Quebecois, French, and Belgian ancestors. For good measure, Irish roots are also invoked and American, European and African influences are added with little concern for musical boundaries. Don’t miss this charm-laden performance, part of the Sunday Free Concerts, at 1 pm, down at Harbourfront, 249 Queens Quay West.


    Cactus Club : Cactus Club combines modern pop with traditional Francophone music presenting a cabaret-rock sound reminiscent of Velvet Underground, The Doors and Serge Gainsbourg. Based in Toronto, the band consists of Robin Mason (drums / percussion), Andrew Rucklidge (guitar/piano/organ) and Lionel Tissot (bass/vocals). With over 20 years experience in a wide range of bands, these musicians come together as Cactus Club, playing regularly in various Toronto clubs including Holly Oak, Cameron House, The Monarch and Mitzi ‘s.

    U N T : UNT blends rock, classical and blues to produce a unique, enjoyable sound.

    Hassim El Hadi : Moroccan-born singer-songwriter and oud-master, Hassan El Hadi is considered one of the top musicians of his instrument and craft. With his latest album, Maroc’N Reel, he reaffirms his extraordinary ability to blend the musical traditions rooted in North Africa with the sounds of his adopted home of Quebec. His music is without borders, where genre-bending and hybridization rule for a new generation of global music enthusiasts.

    Swamperella : After 15 years of partying up crowds at the Gladstone Hotel with their infectious Cajun sound, Swamperella has deserved its acclaim as a guaranteed good time. The eclectic demographic that is attracted to Swamperella’s monthly events attests to this acclaim. If you don’t think you want to dance, just listening to the band, and watching the crowd’s energy is almost as fun. But, dancing or not, you probably won’t be standing still – the Swamperella sound won’t let you – and the scene will keep you smiling.

About « A Wealth of Sounds »

Our 11th season takes place September 21st through to the 25th.  A truly remarkable collection we are calling a “Wealth of Sounds” showcases some 20 artists who offer a rich variety of Francophone music from various Francophone geographies, and producing a wide and wonderful range of styles—folk, rock, blues, jazz, soul, reggae, country, Afro pop and African soul. Don’t miss sharing in the experience of this energizing, beautiful and wonderfully Francophone Music Festival.

Complete program and tickets

Centre for Arts, Culture, Media & Education, 918 Bathurst St.
Price : 15$


“Toronto’s Francophone music festival”

Our 12th edition and canada’s 150th birthday

September 21st to 30th 2017.
The entire team at Francophonie en Fête is committed to offering a unique musical experience by showcasing a wide range of artists who represent emerging talent in francophone music.
For its 12th edition, the festival “Francophone Musical Festival” will showcase more than twenty artists between September 21st and 30th. The concerts will reflect the richness of francophone music and represent a wide variety of musical styles including: folk, blues, jazz, soul, reggae, country, afro pop and african soul.
Do not miss this unique cultural experience.

  • An impressive variety of music accessible to everyone
  • More than 20 francophone artists
  • 4 stages located in the heart of Toronto
  • 6 workshops and 2 conferences for French language students

The schedule and full line-up will be available soon!

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Francophonie en Fête is a key player on the annual festival music scene in Toronto, having evolved into a key outlet for celebrating the growth, creativity and diversity of Francophone culture in Ontario.
It is a non-profit organization that is celebrating its 12th year contributing to the vitality of francophone culture by presenting high quality concerts, educational activities and cultural events.
Francophonie en Fête also collaborates with major forces within the Toronto Francophone community, notably the “La Semaine de la Francophonie” annual March event.

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